Setting IPv4 or IPv6 addresses - BlueCat Integrity - 9.6.0

Administration Console Quick Reference Guide

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Assign IPv4 or IPv6 addresses to interfaces on Address Manager or DNS/DHCP Server.

Configure an IPv4 or IPv6 address and netmask to an interface. Running the set address command automatically configures the Primary Service IPv4 address. Use caution if modifying service interfaces (eth0, VLAN interfaces, bond0) from the Administration Console as running the set address command will overwrite any existing Primary Service IPs, resulting in a loss of service.
Note: Managed DNS/DHCP Servers must be out of Address Manager control before you can configure any IP addresses.

To set an IPv4/IPv6 address and netmask:

  1. From Main Session mode, type configure interfaces and press ENTER.
    Adonis> configure interfaces

  2. Run the modify command.
    Adonis:configure:interfaces> modify <eth0|eth1|eth2|vlan-interface|bond0>

  3. Run the set address command. Type an IPv4 or IPv6 address immediately followed by the netmask.
    Adonis:configure:interface:eth0> set address <ipv4address|ipv6address/netmask>

  4. Save your changes.
    Adonis:configure:interface:eth0> save