Additional configurations after enabling Dedicated Management - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.4.0

BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances

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BlueCat Address Manager

These are additional configurations that you must set to reconnect to your virtual appliances after enabling Dedicated Management.

Connecting to the management port

Enabling Dedicated Management will disconnect your SSH connectivity to the Services interface. Once you enable Dedicated Management, you must re-establish the SSH connection to the Management interface.

To reconnect to your instance after enabling Dedicated Management:
  • Establish your SSH connection to the Dedicated Management interface.
    ssh -i <key_pair_file_name> bluecat@<dedicated_management_ip>

Adding a static route

After enabling Dedicated Management, if BAM and BlueCat DNS for AWS are not on the same subnet, you must manually add a static route on BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances to allow connectivity to BAM via the Dedicated Management interface.

To add a static route for BAM:
  • Add a static route indicating to where the BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances server should send packets.
    Adonis> configure network
    Adonis:configure:network> add static-route network <BAM_SUBNET/NETMASK> via-address <dedicated_management_interface_gateway_IP>
You might also need to add static routes for the following service and devices:
  • You need to add a static route to any devices that require access through the Dedicated Management interface, such as SSH clients or SNMP management servers.