Entering the license for BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.4.0

BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances

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Product name
BlueCat Address Manager

A valid license is required to be able to deploy your configurations and settings in Address Manager.

You must obtain licenses from BlueCat Customer Care. As part of the configuration while launching your virtual appliances, you will be required to provide the relevant product license.

To enter the license:

  1. From the Configure Instance Details page, navigate to the Advanced Details section.
  2. Select the As text radio button and enter the license you acquired from https://care.bluecatnetworks.com in the User data field:
    Note: #cloud-config must be in a valid YAML format. Spaces/indents are required before line 3 (Activation key).
  3. Click Next: Add Storage to define storage device settings.