Launching virtual appliances using the AWS CLI - BlueCat Integrity - 9.6.0

BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances

Product name
BlueCat Integrity

Advanced users can also launch BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances instances using the AWS command line interface.

In order to launch instances using the AWS CLI, you must install the AWS CLI and configure it using the AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key. For detailed information about installing and configuring the AWS CLI, refer to the following Amazon documentation:
Before you launch the virtual appliance:
  • Create the YAML license. See the #cloud-config example below for the format of the license file.
  • Locate the ID of the AMI. AMI IDs can be found by searching for BlueCat in the AWS Marketplace (AWS UI Console). In the Community AMIs tab, find the AMI that matches the purchased SKU and AWS Virtual Appliance version, and verify that the Owner ID is Amazon (679593333241). The ID for the AMI will be listed under the title (i.e. ami-02611a628fa59b375).
To launch BlueCat AWS Virtual Appliances using the AWS CLI, run the following command:
aws ec2 run-instances --image-id <ami-id> --count 1 --instance-type
<type.size> --key-name <aws key-pair> --security-group-ids <secure group
id> --subnet-id <subnet id> --private-ip-address <ip address> --user-data
For example:
aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-02611a628fa59b375 --count 1 --instance-type
c4.4xlarge --key-name exampleName --security-group-ids sg-9bd625fd --subnetid
subnet-d2ca49b6 --private-ip-address --user-data file://
where license.txt has the following content:
Enter the license key you acquired from in the key parameter and your AWS account ID in the id parameter.
Note: #cloud-config must be in a valid YAML format. Spaces are required before line 3 and 4 (Activation key and AWS account ID).
Attention: Based on the Address Manager or DNS/DHCP model that you would like to deploy, the --instance-type must be one of the following
BlueCat Address Manager for AWS
Product SKU Instance type vCPUs Memory (GB)
cBAM-1000 c4.xlarge 4 7.5
cBAM-5000 c4.4xlarge 16 30
cBAM-7000 c4.8xlarge 36 60
BlueCat DNS & DHCP for AWS
Product SKU Instance type vCPUs Memory (GB)
cBDDS-25 c4.xlarge 4 7.5
cBDDS-50 c4.2xlarge 8 15
cBDDS-75 c4.4xlarge 16 30
cBDDS-125 c4.8xlarge 36 60

For detailed information about AWS instance sizes, refer to