Changes in behavior - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.1

BlueCat Cisco ACI Adaptive Plugin Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

Version 23.1 of the Cisco ACI Plugin also introduces the following changes to existing features:

Overwrite Existing option

When importing Cisco ACI Tenants as BlueCat Address Manager (BAM) objects, you can choose to overwrite existing objects in BAM when re-importing the same Cisco ACI components. When choosing this option in previous versions, the BAM Configuration and all its contents were deleted, then Cisco ACI components were imported into a new BAM Configuration was created with the same name. As of v23.1, the BAM Configuration and contents are not deleted before the import.

If you want to delete an existing BAM Configuration and its contents before importing a new infrastructure with the Cisco ACI plugin, you can do so manually in BAM.