Setting up Gateway workspace and log directories - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.1

BlueCat Cisco ACI Adaptive Plugin Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

Before you first install Cisco ACI, BlueCat recommends performing the following:

  • Define a workspace: A workspace is the logical location for you to place your workflows and associated data, including configurations, libraries, requirements, permissions, and customizations.

    A workspace can be a Docker volume (recommended) or a volume on your local machine. For more details about workspaces, see About Workspaces in the BlueCat Gateway Administration Guide.

  • Define a logs directory: A logs directory can be a Docker volume (recommended) or a volume on your local machine


BlueCat recommends that all customers map Docker volumes for their Gateway workspace and logs directory for saving from Cisco ACI. Volumes are completely managed by Docker and you do not need to set permissions manually when using Docker volumes. This is also the recommended practice for Docker containers.

If you instead prefer to mount data and log volumes to your local machine, you must manually set rwx (read, write, execute) permissions to those directories before running the container. To set permissions to external volumes, run the following command:
chmod -R o=rwx <mapped volume>

If you do not map data or log volumes during installation, the Cisco ACI application will (by default) write log data to the container. When you later stop or restart the container, all this data will be lost.