Aging and Scavenging - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.1

BlueCat Distributed DDNS Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

If you have enabled aging and scavenging settings in the Distributed DDNS Application Node, you can view aging and scavenging reports of resource records, and configure scheduled scavenging of specific resource record types.

Note: BlueCat Distributed DDNS updates and scavenges the following resource record types: A, AAAA, AFSDB, A6, CNAME, DNAME, GPOS, HINFO, ISDN, KEY, MB, MD, MF, MG, MINFO, MR, MX, NAPTR, NS, NSAP, NSAP_PTR, NULL, OPT, PTR, PX, RP, RT, SIG, SOA, SPF, SSHFP, SRV, TKEY, TSIG, TXT, WKS, X25.

Select Aging Records, Scavenging Exemptions, or Scavenging by Type to view additional information on the aging and scavenging of resource records.