Aging and Scavenging - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.2.3

BlueCat Distributed DDNS Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

If you enabled Aging and Scavenging in the Distributed DDNS Application Node, you can view Aging and Scavenging reports of resource records, and configure scheduled scavenging of specific resource record types.

  • Aging is the process of identifying stale DNS records based on the refresh and non-refresh intervals.

  • Scavenging refers to the cleanup and removal of stale DNS resource records that are no longer needed.

To view Aging and Scavenging reports, click the Aging & Scavenging tab.

BlueCat Distributed DDNS updates and scavenges the following resource record types: A, AAAA, CNAME, SRV, PTR, and TXT

To access specific aging and scavenging reports, click its link in the Aging & Scavenging tab:
  • Aging Records: Opens the Aging Records Report, where you can manually identify and scavenge (remove) stale records.

  • Scavenging Exemptions: Opens the Scavenging Exemptions page, which lists permanent records that are exempt from scavenging.

  • Scavenging by Type: Opens the Scavenging Resource Records report, where you can schedule automated scavenging jobs for records of specific types.