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BlueCat Distributed DDNS Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Distributed DDNS v23.2.3 is a maintenance release. In addition, it includes the following features and enhancements introduced in v23.2.1:

Importing of Creator Owned GSS-TSIG Record permissions

When first adding GSS-TSIG Record permissions to a DNS Zone in an Application Node, you must import them from a comma-separated value (CSV) file. You can now do so directly from the Permissions section of the DNS Zones tab. You must still create the CSV file first.

Automatic recovery from replication conflicts

A replication conflict occurs one or more items are updated at the same time on multiple nodes with incompatible changes. Distributed DDNS will now automatically recover when replication conflicts occur.

Gateway v23.2.1

As of Distributed DDNS v23.2.1, Distributed DDNS is built on Gateway 23.2.1. With this version of Gateway, CDV now supports Address Manager v9.3.x (including all patch releases), v9.4.x (including all patch releases), and v9.5.x (including all patch releases).