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BlueCat Edge
Service Point v4.x.x

Cyber-attacks continue to evolve in sophistication, frequency, and speed, often crippling organizations before they're aware of the threat or attack. Static approaches to locking down boundaries and banning forms of Internet access can no longer be used in a business world that relies on applications, infrastructure and computing devices that often leave the network perimeter. While traditional security measures continue to mitigate security risks beyond the firewall, attacks can also infiltrate internal systems.

BlueCat Edge is a new approach to enterprise security that uses your DNS infrastructure to gain enterprise-wide visibility into the actions of every device on your network. Managed in the cloud, BlueCat Edge uniquely leverages DNS data to identify and assess threats, and proactively works to block them before they can reach business-critical applications or data.

This set of topics is intended to help you understand how you can use BlueCat Edge to enhance your DNS security and complement the security controls within your environment.