Configuring Service Point v4 instances behind an Azure load balancer - BlueCat Edge - Service Point v4.x.x

BlueCat Edge Deployment Guide

Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v4.x.x
Once you have provisioned a Service Point v4 instance on Azure, you can configure it behind a native load balancer.
Attention: The Azure Load Balancer must be in the same region as the VNet that is deployed.
  1. Configure your Service Point v4 instance to allow port 53 on both TCP and UDP within the network settings of your Azure VM.
  2. Create an Azure load balancer following the instructions with the following configurations:
    • Create a frontend IP with a public IP address.
    • Create a backend pool that points to the Service Point v4 instance's private IP address.
    • Create two load balancer rules that use the frontend and backend pools. Ensure that the load balancer rules are configured as follows:
      • First load balancer rule:
        • IP Version: Select IPv4.
        • Protocol: Select TCP.
        • Port: Enter 53.
      • Second load balancer rule:
        • IP Version: Select IPv4.
        • Protocol: Select UDP.
        • Port: Enter 53.
    • Create a health probe that monitors port 53 on TCP and use the same health probe for both load balancer rules.