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BlueCat Edge
Service Point v4.x.x

The following outlines all APIs that can be used to interact with the BlueCat Edge Cloud, including API methods, input parameters, and expected responses.

Admin and analyst roles and API access

BlueCat Edge users with Admin accounts can access all of the APIs. Users with Analyst accounts can access GET APIs, and the change and reset password APIs.

Sending API requests

When working with APIs related to the BlueCat Edge Cloud or Service Point v3, send API requests to your BlueCat Edge instance with api- before the instance URL. For example:


When working with APIs related to Service Point v4, send API requests to the us.fleet.bluec.at (for Edge CIs in US regions) or eu.fleet.bluec.at (for Edge CIs in European regions) Fleet Management endpoint URLs. For example:

https://us.fleet.bluec.at/user/api/v1/servicePoints or https://eu.fleet.bluec.at/user/api/v1/servicePoints
  • The us.fleet.bluec.at and eu.fleet.bluec.at endpoint URLs are applicable to all BlueCat Edge instance and not tied to a specific customer instance URL.
  • The us.fleet.bluec.at endpoint URL is currently only available for customers running BlueCat Edge environments based in the United States.
  • The eu.fleet.bluec.at endpoint URL is currently only available for customers running BlueCat Edge environments based in Europe.

Getting an authentication token

Most of the BlueCat Edge APIs require an authorization token in the request header. Before logging into the BlueCat Edge API, you must generate your API access key set from your profile page in the BlueCat Edge UI. The client ID and secret access key are required to obtain the API token for your user profile. For more information, refer to Profile.

Attention: Any API access key set created before activating or deactivating the SSO integration won't be valid in the new SSO state. You must create a new API access key set in the new SSO state to continue to use the BlueCat Edge API. If you deactivate or activate the SSO integration again, you can use the API access key set that was previously created.

To get a token, post the following authentication request and copy the accessToken from the response. This will be used as the Authorization Bearer token in any API that requires authorization.

Request: POST https://api-<BlueCat.edge.url>/v1/api/authentication/token
   "grantType": "ClientCredentials",
   "clientCredentials": {
      "clientId": "<clientId>",
      "clientSecret": "<clientSecret>"

For example

Request: POST https://api-<BlueCat.edge.url>/v1/api/authentication/token
   "grantType": "ClientCredentials",
   "clientCredentials": {
      "clientId": "f0299f8e-8f60-4f9a-b1fe-8b511f1e0e36",
      "clientSecret": "b99d4f19-86d4-49ce-8744-8e3486f11e09"

The token expires after five minutes. You can log in again.

See /v1/api/authentication/token (POST) for details.