Configure static network settings - BlueCat Edge - Service Point v4.x.x

BlueCat Edge User Guide

Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v4.x.x

Configure your BlueCat Edge site with a static DNS server IP, a static IPv4 address and gateway, and user information.

Before you begin

Ensure your BlueCat Edge environment meets the following prerequisites before beginning this task:
  • The site image has been installed in your ESX environment and is powered off.
Setting up a static network configuration
  1. Launch the VMware VSphere Client.
  2. From your resource pool, right-click the site image and select Edit Settings. The Virtual Machine Properties window opens.
  3. From the Virtual Machine Properties window, select the Options tab.
  4. Under Settings, select General then click Configuration Parameters.
  5. Locate the setting ethernet.pciSlotNumber, and make note of the value. You will need this to set the value of the parameter in the next step. This is usually 192, but it's important to confirm.
    Attention: You must set the value of with the correct ethernet.pciSlotNumber. A missing or incorrect value may result in an error.
    Note: You must prepend ens to the value from ethernet.pciSlotNumber when adding it to For example, if the ethernet.pciSlotNumber value is 192, the value entered for must be ens192.
    Depending on the hypervisor platform, the virtual network interface might change. The following outlines some commonly seen values:
    • ens192—commonly seen by the BlueCat Edge Service Point
    • ens160—used by VMware Gov (vmnet 3 is disabled) and Intel E1000 cards
    • ens224—used by Vmnet2 enhanced

    To determine your virtual network interface, restart your Service Point v3 instance and monitor the console for the interface value.

  6. From the Configuration Parameters window, click Add Row to add each of the following parameters:
    guestinfo.interface.0.ip.0.address          <IPv4address/CIDR>
    guestinfo.interface.0.route.0.gateway       <IPv4gateway>
    guestinfo.interface.0.role                  private                  ens<ethernet.pciSlotNumber>
    guestinfo.interface.0.dhcp                  no
  7. Click OK.
  8. From the Virtual Machine Properties window, click OK.
  9. Power on the site VM.
    Note: Upon powering on the site VM, the value for ethernet.pciSlotNumber might change, resulting in an incorrect interface name configuration. Verify that the ethernet.pciSlotNumber value on the SP hasn't changed. If the value has changed, power off the VM and reconfigure the parameter to the value that was reassigned to ethernet.pciSlotNumber.
The BlueCat Edge site is now configured with a static networking configuration.
Note: After you have completed these steps, BlueCat recommends enabling the site image to auto-start when the system reboots.