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DNS resolver services perform updates in a serial format, where service points and DNS resolver services on Service Point v4 instances will update one by one. During the DNS resolver service update, they will continue to process query information, resulting in no downtime.

When the DNS resolver service version of a site is updated as a result of an automatic update across all sites or a manual update of selected sites, the service points with DNS resolver service built in that are deployed from those sites recognize that an update is available on the next periodic poll to the BlueCat Edge Cloud. The DNS resolver service on the service point then retrieves the update from the BlueCat Edge Cloud and serially begin to perform an update to the new DNS resolver service version.
Note: DNS resolver services deployed on Service Point v4 instances do not periodically poll the BlueCat Edge Cloud for updates. To update the DNS resolver service deployed on Service Point v4 instances, you must perform a manual update from the Sites page.

The DNS resolver service update settings allow you to control whether DNS resolver services are automatically updated with each new DNS resolver service version release. By default, DNS resolver services are configured to automatically update.

If you disable automatic DNS resolver service updates, all DNS resolver services will remain at their current DNS resolver service version and must be updated manually through each site. With this capability, you can update DNS resolver services associated to a test site to verify that the newer DNS resolver service updates don't break existing functionality before rolling out the update to the rest of your organization. You also have greater flexibility to roll out DNS resolver service updates during a controlled maintenance window.
Note: DNS resolver services that operate on older versions of software might not be able to consume the latest features available in the BlueCat Edge Cloud. By default, the BlueCat Edge Cloud will continue to support at least two DNS resolver service versions. BlueCat will notify you when DNS resolver service versions are going out of support to ensure that you have time to validate the latest DNS resolver service versions.

If your DNS resolver service version falls outside of the supported DNS resolver service versions, your DNS resolver service might not function as expected or successfully update to a newer DNS resolver service version. You can also no longer deploy new DNS resolver services from the site that is running the unsupported DNS resolver service version. BlueCat recommends running the latest DNS resolver service version to ensure that all features function as expected on the DNS resolver service.

Attention: You must be a System Administrator to access this page and configure the DNS resolver service update settings.
  1. In the top navigation bar, click and select DNS Resolver Service Update Settings.
  2. Select the Automatic Updates toggle to enable or disable automatic DNS resolver service updates.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Confirm that you wish to enable or disable the DNS resolver service updates.

If you have disabled DNS resolver service updates, you can manually update DNS resolver services from the Sites page.