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BlueCat Edge
Service Point v4.x.x

BlueCat is proud to introduce an evolution of Service Point v4, serving as a new jump-off point for future Edge service expansion. While the Service Point v3 is treated as a single image with its Operating System and DNS Resolver Service baked in, the next generation Service Point v4 serves as a platform designed to allow for OS updates while providing the capability to run multiple services on a single deployment, including DNS Resolver Service.

This allows BlueCat to deliver product innovations to the market more quickly, as well as enable our customers to deploy new network services more seamlessly to meet their growth needs.

When coupled with BlueCat Edge's Branch DNS, this provides localized and self-reliant services at multiple brick-and-mortar locations. These services can be deployed at scale upon a customer's existing network infrastructure directly. As a result, network teams can maintain centralized management and policy governance, including remote monitoring and deployment of configuration, policy, or namespace while enabling DNS services to operate from the local infrastructure. 

Customer Impact
  • Nomenclature change: The former Service Point is now referred to as the Service Point v3.
  • Parallel Support: Edge Cloud Instances (CI) will support both the existing Service Point v3 and Service Point v4 for any existing or new deployments.
  • Upgrade Efficiency: The Service Point v4 architecture has significant benefits, including providing the ability to add new services to deployed Service Point v4 instances without requiring a full update or redeployment. This results in efficient upgrades and reduced risk to critical infrastructure as specific functions of the service points can be upgraded selectively.
  • Branch DNS: With the introduction of Service Point v4, Network Administrators requiring BlueCat Edge services in branch locations, such as retail stores and clinics, can now enable DNS as a service on existing network infrastructure.

BlueCat recommends migrating all Service Point v3 instances to Service Point v4 instances to take advantage of the modern platform and features that will be introduced in future releases. For more information on migrating from Service Point v3 instances to Service Point v4 instances, refer to Migrating Service Point v3 to Service Point v4.