/user/api/v1/serviceCatalog/{id} (GET) - BlueCat Edge - Service Point v4.x.x

BlueCat Edge User Guide

Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v4.x.x

Retrieve information about a service descriptor in the service catalog.

Request: GET https://<us|eu>.fleet.bluec.at/user/api/v1/serviceCatalog/{id}
Authorization: Bearer token

Path parameter

Name Description Type Required/Optional
id The ID of the service String Optional

Successful response

200 OK
    "description": "enhance DNS messages with user identity",
    "exposedPorts": "EXPOSED",
    "id": "edge-id-proxy-2.1.0",
    "ingressEndpoints": [
            "description": "Port to listen for inbound DNS.",
            "portLabel": "dns",
            "protocol": "dns"
    "parameters": [
            "description": "The Umbrella organization ID",
            "exampleValue": 2222444,
            "name": "UmbrellaOrganizationID",
            "type": "INTEGER"
            "description": "The DNS Protocol to use for upstream resolution.  Values are DoT, DoH, or DNS (unencrypted).  This setting is case insensitive.",
            "exampleValue": "DoT",
            "name": "DNSForwarderType",
            "type": "STRING"
            "description": "The Azure Event Hub connection string",
            "exampleValue": "Endpoint=sb://NamespaceName.servicebus.windows.net/;SharedAccessKeyName=KeyName;SharedAccessKey=KeyValue",
            "name": "EventHubConnectionString",
            "type": "STRING"
            "description": "The name of the Azure Event Hub",
            "exampleValue": "MyEventHub",
            "name": "EventHubName",
            "type": "STRING"
            "description": "The name of the Azure Event Hub consumer group",
            "exampleValue": "MyEventHubConsumerGroup",
            "name": "EventHubConsumerGroup",
            "type": "STRING"
            "description": "The Azure Event Hub partition ID",
            "exampleValue": "0",
            "name": "EventHubPartitionId",
            "type": "STRING"
    "serviceName": "edge-id-proxy",
    "version": "2.1.0"
Where the parameters represent the following:
  • description—the description of the service
  • exposedPorts—indicates how the exposed ports are used. The values can be EXPOSED or INTERNAL.
  • id—the unique ID of the service
  • ingressEndpoints—information about the ingress endpoints of the service including the following fields:
    • portLabel—the label for the ingress endpoint
    • description—the description of the ingress endpoint
    • protocol—the protocol used for the ingress endpoint. The protocol can be tcp or dns.
  • parameters—information about the service parameters including the following fields:
    • description—the description of the service parameter
    • exampleValue—an example value of the service parameter
    • name—the name of the service parameter
    • type—the type of the value of the service parameter. The type can be one of the following:
      • INTEGER
      • STRING
      • URL
      • BOOLEAN
  • serviceName—the name of the service
  • version—the version of the service