/user/api/v1/servicePoints/images (GET) - BlueCat Edge - Service Point v4.x.x

BlueCat Edge User Guide

Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v4.x.x

Returns a list of available versions of Service Point v4 images.

Request: GET https://<us|eu>.fleet.bluec.at/user/api/v1/servicePoints/versions
Authorization: Bearer token

Successful response

200 OK
    "files": [
            "filename": "edge-service-point-v4.6.2.tar.gz",
            "type": "encs",
            "version": "4.6.2",
            "size": "808300000",
            "lastModified": "1707247529",
            "checksum": "b8eb13b465b357fc27c4cf86e68f0ea7b82bb6feaff858ff4a51b163a456fc80"
            "filename": "edge-service-point-small-v4.6.2.tar.gz",
            "type": "encs-small",
            "version": "4.6.2",
            "size": "810200000",
            "lastModified": "1707247587",
            "checksum": "6309e7615db241e83f086f5ea2e8c5bf92f27ad9e17c4d1cbcb2bad91058fdea"
            "filename": "edge-service-point-v4.6.2.ova",
            "type": "vmware",
            "version": "4.6.2",
            "size": "888900000",
            "lastModified": "1707936631119",
            "checksum": "096eca05a20554718b80b8c30d89b331b63f0912b3bf527b20dc2e3189f48537"
            "filename": "edge-service-point-v4.6.2.iso",
            "type": "hardware",
            "version": "4.6.2",
            "size": "1181116006",
            "lastModified": "1707247473",
            "checksum": "cf2c916f9698801cdce1358c8673d81c364f8ab81ac0cb810926574413cced4f"
            "filename": "edge-service-point-v4.6.2.vmdk",
            "type": "nutanix",
            "version": "4.6.2",
            "size": "831900000",
            "lastModified": "1707247552",
            "checksum": "bde12f325fa9cf934dab40e43670fd27f9eaf0b2bfc3d08b8bbf28e901cdb210"
Where the fields represent the following:
  • filename—the name of the service point image.
  • type—the type of host that the service point image can be provisioned on. The type can be one of the following:
    • hardware
    • vmware
    • nutanix
    • encs
    • encs-small
  • version—the Service Point v4 version.
  • size—the size of the service point image, in bytes.
  • lastModified—the timestamp representing the last time the service point image was modified. The format of the field in a Unix timestamp in milliseconds elapsed since January 1, 1970 (UTC).
  • checksum—the checksum value of the service point image. The checksum value is a SHA256 hash of the image file.
Possible error codes
  • 500 Internal Server Error