/v1/api/dnsResolverServices (GET) - BlueCat Edge - Service Point v4.x.x

BlueCat Edge User Guide

Product name
BlueCat Edge
Service Point v4.x.x

Retrieve a list of all DNS resolver services within the Edge Cloud.

GET https://api-<BlueCat.edge.url>/v1/api/dnsResolverServices?siteId=<site_id>
Authorization: Bearer token

Query parameter

Name Description Type Required/Optional
site_id The specific site that you would like to retrieve the DNS resolver services from. Integer Optional

Successful response

200 OK
        "id": "12345678-ab12-3c4d-e5fa-593bb8bd604c",
        "name": "drs-name",
        "siteId": "012a3b4c-d1ef-4822-bcc0-85f484392116",
        "servicePointId": "test_fsp_1-a9kf321st-abc2bcnab5pq",
        "applicationId": "12345678-ab12-3c4d-e5fa-593bb8bd604c",
        "hostManager": "BLUECAT2",
        "lastSync": 1660667769314,
        "connectionState": "CONNECTED",
        "connectionStateLastChanged": 1660667769314,
        "version": "3.6.0",
        "targetVersion": "3.6.0",
        "updateInitiatedTimestamp": 1660667769314,
        "updateStatus": "COMPLETED",
        "clearCacheState": "ACCEPTED",
        "registrationTime": 1660667761234
Possible error codes
  • 500 Internal Server Error