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BlueCat Health Monitoring Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Adaptive Applications are licensed, out-of-the-box applications that provide you with advanced DDI functionality with minimal configurations. Adaptive Applications extend the functionality of the BlueCat core Adaptive DNS platform, DNS Integrity, in specific areas to drive increased customer value and competitive differentiation.

BlueCat Health Monitoring (BHM) is an Adaptive Application that allows Administrators to gain visibility into the health of BlueCat appliances. These servers provide mission-critical services that need to be monitored closely, from the core to the network edge.

BlueCat Health Monitoring monitors many key server performance metrics, and allows users to set alarms to receive notifications whenever a threshold is exceeded. There are three main components that comprise the BlueCat Health Monitoring Adaptive Application: the HTTP/S receiver, BlueCat Health Monitoring portal, and BlueCat Health Monitoring database.

All three of the components are packaged as Docker containers.