Getting started with the BlueCat Health Monitoring REST API - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.1

BlueCat Health Monitoring Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway
Before using the BlueCat Health Monitoring REST API, you must login through the Gateway rest_login endpoint to obtain a session token.
  1. Send the username and password of the associated Gateway user in JSON format to http://<Gateway_url>/rest_login
    Sample JSON:
        "username" : "exampleUser",
        "password" : "examplePassword"
  2. A session token will be returned for authentication.
    Sample token:
        "access_token": "BAMAuthToken: yth/6R46Llgp68e5FrZP6PBPXlW+IqVUZxZ3jWGw"
  3. Include the access token as an API key authorization header for all requests to the BlueCat Health Monitoring REST API.
    Sample header:
    Key: auth
    Value: Basic BAMAuthToken: yth/6R46Llgp68e5FrZP6PBPXlW+IqVUZxZ3jWGw
For more information on authentication configuration, refer to http://<Gateway_url>/techdocs/flask-index.html.