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BlueCat Health Monitoring Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway


Update a REST API notification configuration.


Name Description
body Location: body

Type: application/json

Information about the REST API alert configuration in the following format:
    "url": "string",
    "header": object,
    "body": object,
    "verify": bool
  • url: the url for the alert receiver.
  • header: HTTP header(s) for the alert.
  • body: the JSON body of the alert.
    Note: When formatting the JSON body (and header), use \" and \n to escape quotation marks and create new lines. You can also surround the following keywords with braces {} to add dynamic information to the alert body. When surrounded with braces these keywords act as template literals, replacing the keyword with the associated alert information upon transmission.
    • processed_at: The timestamp of the alert occurance.
    • server_name: The name of the server where the alert was triggered.
    • description: the internal name for the alert (i.e. cpu_usage).
    • severity: the severity level of the alert.
    • alarm_name: the external name for the alert (i.e. CPU Utilization).
  • verify (optional): boolean value to toggle SSL verification.
Example body:
    "url": "",
    "header": { "Content-Type": "application/json" },
    "verify": false,
    "body": { "server": "{server_name}", "alarm_raised": "{alarm_name}", "alarm_description": "{description}", "raised_at": "{trigger_time}", "incident_start_time": "{first_detection_time}", "severity": "LEVEL - {severity}" }


Status Description

Code: 200

    "message": "success"