Reference: DHCP Statistics - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.2

BlueCat Health Monitoring Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

The following data can be collected and visualized by BlueCat Health Monitoring after configuration of the DHCP Statistics service on DNS/DHCP Servers.

DHCPv4 Operations: Statistics related to DHCPv4 operations on DNS/DHCP Servers.
Data Type Definition
ackSent Number of DHCPACK packets sent
declineReceived_v4 Number of DHCPDECLINE packets received
discoverReceived Number of DHCPDISCOVER packets received
nakSent Number of DHCPNAK packets sent
offerSent Number of DHCPOFFER packets sent
received_v4 Number of DHCPv4 packets received
releaseReceived_v4 Number of DHCPRELEASE packets received
requestReceived_v4 Number of DHCPREQUEST packets received
sent_v4 Number of DHCPv4 packets sent
informReceived Number of DHCPINFORM packets received
DHCPv6 Operations: Statistics related to DHCPv6 operations on DNS/DHCP Servers.
Data Type Definition
advertiseSent Number of ADVERTISE packets sent
confirmReceived Number of CONFIRM packets received
declineReceived_v6 Number of DECLINE packets received
infoRequestReceived Number of INFORMATION-REQUEST packets received
rebindReceived Number of REBIND packets received
received_v6 Number of DHCPv6 packets received
reconfReceived Number of RECONFIGURE packets received
releaseReceived_v6 Number of RELEASE packets received
renewReceived Number of RENEW packets received
replySent Number of REPLY packets sent
requestReceived_v6 Number of DHCPREQUEST packets received
sent_v6 Number of DHCPv6 packets sent
solicitReceived Number of SOLICIT packets received

DHCPv4 Leases/Sec: The number of successful DHCPv4 leases issued per second.

DHCPv6 Leases/Sec: The number of successful DHCPv6 leases issued per second.