Upgrading server agents - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.2

BlueCat Health Monitoring Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway
Upgrading a previous BlueCat Health Monitoring release to version 22.2 requires an update of the server agent on previously configured servers. When servers require an upgrade, a warning banner will appear on the dashboard, as well as a red upgrade icon above the dashboard servers table.
Note: Users must have administrative privileges to upgrade server agents.
To upgrade server agents:
  1. Click the red upgrade icon in the top right corner of the BlueCat Health Monitoring dashboard to open the Update server agents modal.
  2. If using the bulk upload feature, click the Upload button at the bottom of the window and select the CSV file with server credentials. The format for the bulk upload CSV file is listed below.
  3. If entering server credentials manually, enter server information in the required fields:
    • Authentication Method: Select either Password or Private key.
    • If Password is selected as Authentication Method:
      • Username: Enter SSH username.
      • Password: Enter associated SSH password.
    • If Private key is selected as Authentication Method:
      • Key name: Select the SSH key that will be used for DNS/DHCP Server authentication. If you have not previously added an SSH key, refer to Managing SSH keys.
    • Password Root (optional): If the SSH user is not a root user enter the root password, so the application can switch to root after logging in as regular user.
  4. Click Upgrade to upgrade the server(s).
  5. Successful server upgrades will be indicated in the next window. If any servers have not been upgraded successfully, the error will be indicated and credential fields for that server will reappear. Ensure that server details are correct and click Upgrade again to retry.
Bulk Upload CSV Format
server_name authentication_method username password ssh_key password_root
server1 password user1 pass1   rootpass
server2 private_key     key1 rootpass