Setting the default gateway - BlueCat Address Manager - 9.0.0

BlueCat Nutanix Virtual Appliances

BlueCat Address Manager

Set the default IPv4 gateway after setting IPv4 address and netmask.

  • You cannot configure interface and network settings of DNS/DHCP Server appliances that are part of a functioning xHA pair. Configure interface and network settings before creating a high availability pair.
  • You cannot configure interfaces if the DNS/DHCP Server is under Address Manager control. Remove the DNS/DHCP Server from Address Manager control to configure interfaces.
  • You cannot configure interfaces if network redundancy (bonding) is enabled. Disable redundancy from the Administration Console to configure interfaces. Disabling bonding will also remove the DNS/DHCP Server from Address Manager control.

To set the default gateway

  1. From Main Session mode, type configure network and press ENTER.
  2. Type set default-gateway <ipv4address> and press ENTER. If your gateway does not match your interface, you will receive an error. Enter the set gateway command again with the correct gateway address, or modify the IP address in Interfaces Configuration mode.
  3. Type save and press ENTER. The Administration Console saves your settings.
  4. Type exit and press ENTER until you return to Main Session mode.
After you have configured the interface and network options the Address Manager web interface should be available on the network.
IPv4 gateway example:
Proteus:> configure network
Proteus:configure:network> set default-gateway
Proteus:configure:network> save
Proteus:configure:network> exit