BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.7

BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Adaptive Applications are licensed, out-of-the-box applications that provide you with advanced DDI functionality with minimal configurations. Adaptive Applications extend the functionality of the BlueCat core Adaptive DNS platform, DNS Integrity, in specific areas to drive increased customer value and competitive differentiation.

The BlueCat Overlay Adaptive Application provides the ability to manage capabilities of Windows DNS and DHCP Services on Windows Servers, providing administrators with a single management console to perform day-to-day operations. This application is designed to help organizations migrate from managing mission-critical services, such as DNS and DHCP on disparate Windows Servers, to a single pane while providing enterprise-ready features and functionality through BlueCat Address Manager.

Administrators can perform the following actions from this application:

  • Add Windows DNS and DHCP Servers
  • Assign DNS and DHCP Roles to Windows Servers
  • Manage the following DNS Zones:
    • Forward
    • Reverse
    • Stub
    • Conditional Forwarding
  • Manage the following DNS Options:
    • Allow Zone Transfer
    • Notify Additional
    • Notify True/False
    • Dynamic Updates - Secure/Non-Secure/None
    • Start of Authority
  • Manage the following Common DNS Records:
    • A
    • AAAA
    • CNAME
    • MX
    • SRV
    • TXT
    • NS
    • PTR
    • SOA
  • Manage DHCP Networks and Scopes
  • Manage DHCP Ranges, including Exclusion Ranges
  • Manage DHCP Reservations
  • Manage the following DHCP Common Client and Service Options:
    • Router (3)
    • Time Server (4)
    • DNS (6)
    • Domain Name (15)
    • NTP Server (42)
    • Default Lease Time (51)
    • Enable DDNS
    • Disable Client Updates
    • PXE (Boot file, Boot Server, Next Server)
  • Manage the following DHCP Roles:
    • Standalone DHCP
    • DHCP Failover