Import configuration - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 20.8.1

BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

The following section configures the import information.

  1. Under Configuration, select the Address Manager configuration that the data will be imported to.
  2. Under View, select the Address Manager DNS view to assign the DNS data.
  3. Under Upload CSV file, upload a CSV file that contains the following Microsoft Windows Server connection information:
    • Server - the Microsoft Windows Server. You can enter the FQDN or IPv4 address of the server.
    • User Account Name - the user account that is used to fetch the data from the Microsoft Windows Server. You can enter the user in user@domain.corp or DOMAIN\user format.
    • User Account Password - the user account password that is used to fetch the data from the Microsoft Windows Server.
    • SSL Enabled/Disabled - indicates whether SSL/TLS is enabled or disabled. You can enter either true or false
    The following outlines an example of the input format of this CSV file:
  4. (Optional): select the Retain Windows Server data file checkbox to enable additional logging by storing raw data pulled from Microsoft Windows Servers.
  5. Select the Connect to Windows checkbox to connect to the Microsoft Windows Servers.
  6. (Optional): select the Remove previous configuration from Overlay checkbox to remove the previously saved Microsoft Overlay configuration file.
    When BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft performs an import into Address Manager, a configuration file is created on BlueCat Gateway upon each import. When subsequent imports are performed, BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft imports a subset of the data based on the changes calculated between the previous configuration file and the current configuration file.
    When selecting the Remove previous configuration from Overlay checkbox, BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft remove the last import data file from BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft. Removing the last import file skips the diff calculation between the last data import and current data import, and attempts to import all data from the current data import into Address Manager. If portions of the data in the configuration file already exist in Address Manager, the duplicate data is skipped.
  7. (Optional): select the Reset Selected Configuration and DNS View checkbox to remove all IP and DNS objects from the select Address Manager configuration and view.
    Attention: Resetting selected configuration and DNS view data in a production environment can lead to data loss and outages. BlueCat strongly recommends using this option in lab and test environments.

    Type confirm in the confirmation box to perform the reset.

  8. Click Submit
Once you have configured the Address Manager and Microsoft Windows Server information, BlueCat Gateway connects to all Windows Servers in a serial format. If BlueCat Gateway cannot connect to one or more servers due to network availability or credential issues, BlueCat Gateway continues to the DNS and DHCP Selection screen. If BlueCat Gateway cannot connect to any servers, a message displays to verify the connection information and CSV configuration.