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BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft

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BlueCat Gateway
The following outlines information that is imported into Address Manager.
Note: DHCPv6 is currently not supported.


The following DNS objects are supported and imported into Address Manager
  • DNS Records (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, SRV, and TXT)
  • DNS Zones (Primary, Secondary, Stub, and Conditional Forwarding)
  • Any Host (A or AAAA) records that do not have a corresponding network are imported in Address Manager as Generic Host Records without their associated PTR records.
  • Any CNAME, MX, or SRV records that do not have linked (non-Generic) Host records and External Host records will not be imported.


The following DHCPv4 objects are supported and imported into Address Manager
  • DHCP Scopes
  • DHCP Options
  • DHCP Reservations
  • DHCP Allocated IP addresses
  • DHCP allocated IP addresses are imported as Static IP addresses in Address Manager. This is due to a limitation on Address Manager when creating DHCP allocated IP addresses.
  • DHCP servers participating in DHCP failover are imported as DHCP failover partners (under a single role) on each network object in Address Manager.
  • IPv4 blocks are created with the same CIDR definition as the network, as IP networks in Address Manager require a parent IP block container.


The Microsoft Windows Servers used for importing data are added as unmanaged servers in Address Manager for DNS and DHCP Role assignments.