Configuring Server Batches - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 21.1.1

BlueCat Server Update Services Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

DNS/DHCP Servers can be grouped together to form a Server Batch where you can perform upgrades or management actions on this grouping. Server Batches can be created to represent a single site, data center, or group of servers that perform similar functions. If you have existing Server Groups configured in Address Manager, you can migrate these Server Groups into a Server Batch in BlueCat Server Update Services, or create a new Server Batch from the list of DNS/DHCP Servers available from BlueCat Server Update Services.

When performing upgrades or applying patches, the servers within a Server Batch are updated in parallel. You can apply updates and patches to multiple Server Batches.
  • A DNS/DHCP Server can only belong to one Server Batch.
  • If you apply updates or patches to multiple Server Batches, the update is applied on one Server Batch before proceeding to update the next Server Batch.

Creating a new Server Batch

  1. Click the Dashboard tab within the BlueCat Server Update Services workflow.
  2. Click the + tab.
  3. Click the Create New Batch button. The Create New Server Batch screen appears.
  4. In the Batch Name field, enter the name of the new Server Batch
  5. Under Select Servers From Available Server List, click Select. A list of DNS/DHCP Servers appear.
    • Select the checkbox next to one or more DNS/DHCP Servers.
    • If you have configured the Global SSH User Account credentials, the Username and Password fields are populated with the credentials provided. To use a different set of SSH credentials, manually enter the Username and Password.
    • (Optional) Click Test SSH to verify if the SSH credentials entered in the Username and Password field are valid and that BlueCat Server Update Services can successfully connect to the selected DNS/DHCP Servers.
    • Click Proceed to add the selected DNS/DHCP Servers to a Server Batch.
  6. Under Reorder Servers List, drag the name of the servers to reorder the list of DNS/DHCP Servers.
  7. Click Finish to save the Server Batch configuration.

Importing a Server Group in Address Manager as a Server Batch

You can import existing Server Groups from Address Manager into BlueCat Server Update Services as a Server Batch. Once a Server Group has been imported as a Server Batch, you can modify the Server Batch by adding or removing servers. Any changes made to a Server Batch in BlueCat Server Update Services do not impact the Server Group in Address Manager.

  1. Click the + tab.
  2. Click the Import Server Groups button. The Import Server Groups screen appears.
  3. Under Select Server Groups, select the name of the Server Group from Address Manager that you would like to import as a Server Batch.
  4. Click Import to import the selected Server Group as a Server Batch.