GET /bsus/api/v1/batches/{batch_id} - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 22.1

BlueCat Server Update Services Administration Guide

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Product name
BlueCat Gateway


Retrieves information about a specific Server Batch based on the ID provided.


Name Description
batch_id Location: query

Type: string

The ID of the Server Batch (not its name) that you want to retrieve information from.


Status Description

Code: 200

  "id": "string",
  "name": "string",
  "post_script": "string"
  "timestamp": "date string(%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ)",
  "servers": [
      "name": "string",
      "order": int,
      "bam_id": "string"
      "management_ip": "string",
      "service_ip": "string",
      "appliance_type": "string",
      "role_enabled": [ "string" ],
      "software_version": "string",
      "patches_installed": [ "string" ],
      "services_health": int,
      "configuration": "string",
      "primary_ip": "string",
      "secondary_ip": "string",
      "secondary_services_health": int  


Details about the Server Batch:

  • id—the ID of the Server Batch.
  • name—the name of the Server Batch.
  • post_script—the customization package associated with the Server Batch.
  • timestamp—when the Server Batch was created.
  • servers—an array of servers:
    • name—the name of the DNS/DHCP Server.
    • order—the order in which the server appears in the Server Batch, relative to other servers and starting with 0.
    • bam_id—the object ID of the server within Address Manager.
    • management_ip—the IP address of the DNS/DHCP Server management interface.
    • service_ip—the IP address of the DNS/DHCP Server service interface.
    • appliance_type—the appliance type of the DNS/DHCP Server.
    • role_enabled—an array of roles that are enabled on the DNS/DHCP Server, such as "DNS" or "DHCP".
    • software_version—the current DNS/DHCP Server software version.
    • patches_installed—an array listing all patches currently installed on the DNS/DHCP Server.
    • services_health—the health status of the DNS/DHCP Server.
    • configuration—the configuration in Address Manager to which the server has been added.
    • primary_ip—the primary IP address for the DNS/DHCP Server.
    • secondary_ip—the secondary IP address for the DNS/DHCP Server.
    • secondary_services_health—the health status of the secondary server.

Code: 400

Bad request.

  "error": "string"

Code: 401

Unauthorized user

Code: 500

Internal server error.

  "error": "string"

This can be caused when an unknown application error is encountered on the Server side. The API attempts to return additional details within the error parameter.