BlueCat Terraform Plugin - Adaptive Plugins - BlueCat Gateway - 1.1.1

BlueCat Terraform Plugin Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

BlueCat Adaptive Plugins are scripts that integrate the BlueCat Adaptive DNS platform, DNS Integrity, with third-party IT applications and services, or automate common tasks and workflows. These Adaptive Plugins help optimize existing IT investments, providing instant access and integration of BlueCat into a broader ecosystem of solutions.

The BlueCat Terraform Plugin enables infrastructure to act as code for flexible configuration management. This enables network teams to create a version control library, run scheduled monitoring to detect unwanted changes, or instantly provision new environments. You can automate the augmentation, addition, or removal of files from your infrastructure based on context that you have coded.

BlueCat Terraform Plugin provides automated configuration management through code to significantly reduce time and cost of environment changes or setup by providing the following benefits:
  • Simple Coding: You can easily apply iterative context in code to execute faster provisioning or updates by cleanly declaring resources in your code without multiple declarations.
  • Build Faster: Change environments without a hard rewrite by bypassing files or structures in Address Manager that don't need changes, improving the processing time.
  • Always-on Monitoring: Keep environments cleaned and versions by scheduling monitor to check if unwanted environment changes occur, and revert those changes using version control.
  • Integrate Everything: Combine BlueCat with other Terraform providers to feed data into Address Manager across other systems, and manage the data from Terraform.