bluecat_ptr_record - Adaptive Plugins - BlueCat Gateway - 1.1.1

BlueCat Terraform Plugin Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

Creates a PTR record (reverse record) in Address Manager with a specific IP address and host record.

Attribute Required/Optional Description Example
configuration Optional The name of the BlueCat Configuration to be used for the PTR record. If this is not supplied, the Gateway default configuration name is used. terraform_demo
view Optional The view that contains the details of the zone. If this is not supplied, the Gateway default view name is used. Internal
zone Required The zone that contains the host to be updated.
name Required The name of the host record.
ip4_address Required The IPv4 address that is created for the PTR record.
reverse_record Required A boolean value that defines whether to create a reverse record for the pass host True
ttl Optional The TTL value of the record. The default value is -1. 300

Example of a PTR Record resource

resource "bluecat_ptr_record" "ptr_record" {
    configuration = "terraform_demo"
    view = "example"
    zone = ""
    name = "host30"
    ip4_address = ""
    reverse_record = True
    ttl = 1