Configuration Options - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 20.6.1

Cloud Discovery & Visibility AWS Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

The following section defines how configurations are created in Address Manager upon AWS infrastructure data import.

Under Configuration Options, enter the following information:
  • AWS REGION—select the AWS region that you would like to import the AWS infrastructure information from.
  • BLUECAT CONFIGURATION—enter the name of the configuration that will be created in Address Manager that contains the AWS infrastructure information. By default, this field is populated with the AWS region selected.
  • ENABLE VPC CONFIGURATION MODE—select this checkbox to create configurations in Address Manager based on the number of virtual private clouds (VPCs) in the AWS infrastructure. Selecting this checkbox disables the ability to enter information in the BLUECAT CONFIGURATION field.
    Attention: If you have overlapping IP address spaces configured in your AWS environment, BlueCat recommends enabling VPC Configuration Mode. This ensures that overlapping address spaces are imported as unique Address Manager configurations, even if the VPCs have the same name.

    You cannot import overlapping address spaces into an existing Address Manager configuration.