Manually configuring SQS and CloudWatch rules - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 20.6.1

Cloud Discovery & Visibility AWS Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

If your AWS user account has write permissions to SQS and CloudWatch, the ENABLE VISIBILITY AFTER DISCOVERY option attempts to create the queue and rule if they do not exist in AWS.

If this fails due to the account having insufficient write permissions to those services, contact an AWS administrator to grant you temporary write access or have them configure the AWS SQS FIFO queue and CloudWatch Rule as follows:
  • Create a FIFO SQS queue in your region called Bluecat.fifo.

  • Add a message group ID of Bluecat to the SQS queue.

  • Add an AWS CloudWatch Rule called Bluecat for EC2 event changes that point to the BlueCat SQS FIFO queue.

Once the configurations have been made in AWS, you can select the ENABLE VISIBILITY AFTER DISCOVERY option. After the visibility task has run once, and the SQS and CloudWatch rule are defined in AWS, your AWS administrator can revert your AWS account permissions to read-only if you were granted temporary write access.