Visibility Options - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 20.6.1

Cloud Discovery & Visibility AWS Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway
The following section defines the monitoring settings for importing data into Address Manager.
Attention: The Visibility functionality only imports incremental EC2 changes to Address Manager. Visibility for VPC, ELB, and Route53 is not supported.

Under Visibility Options, configure the visibility options:
  • ENABLE VISIBILITY AFTER DISCOVERY—select this checkbox to continuously monitor changes to the discovered EC2 devices from the AWS infrastructure.
  • DISABLE ALL VISIBILITY TASKS—select this checkbox to disable the continuous monitoring of changes.
  • UPDATE DNS (SELECTIVE DEPLOYMENT)—select this checkbox to update the DNS records in Address Manager and selectively deploy the changes to managed DNS/DHCP Servers.
  • BLUECAT USERNAME—enter the username of the Address Manager user.
    Note: This user should be an administrative API user with full permissions.
  • BLUECAT PASSWORD—enter the password of the Address Manager user.
  • SERVICE ACCOUNT KEY—enter the AWS access key ID entered in the AWS credentials section.
  • SERVICE ACCOUNT SECRET—enter the AWS secret access key entered in the AWS credentials section.