Visibility - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 20.6.1

Cloud Discovery & Visibility AWS Administration Guide

BlueCat Gateway

When configuring the workflow in BlueCat Gateway, you can select whether you would like to continuously monitor the changes in state of EC2 instances on AWS. When you configure continuous monitoring and an EC2 instance changes state, the state change is reflected in Address Manager shortly after the change has been performed.

To enable continuous monitoring, you must populate all information in the AWS Credentials and Visibility Options section of the workflow. Once you click START DISCOVERY, the monitoring settings are applied and EC2 instance information is captured for the selected AWS region in the Visibility Status & History section. The following image displays information populated in this section.

When an EC2 instance on AWS changes state, AWS sends messages containing the state change of an instance using a simple queued service (SQS). BlueCat Gateway interprets the message and updates the record in the Visibility Status & History section. Once the information has been synchronized to BlueCat Gateway and the status table has been updated, the EC2 instance information is updated in Address Manager. The following image displays the updated states of two EC2 devices in Address Manager.