AWS visibility management - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.3.2

Cloud Discovery & Visibility Administration Guide

Product name
BlueCat Gateway

The AWS Management page displays Visibility Managers within the Visibility Management table. A Visibility Manager is a collection of visibility jobs that were created during Discovery when the AWS Monitoring Options mode is set to Visibility. When you perform actions on a Visibility Manager (Start, Stop, and so on), CDV performs those actions on all jobs within that Visibility Manager.

New visibility tasks appear in the table after you select the Enable Visibility after Discovery checkbox in the Visibility Options section of the AWS Setup page.

  • You can configure multiple visibility jobs within the same resource group at the same time.

  • When you start discovery and visibility within the same resource group but with a different configuration, CDV adds a new visibility job to the Visibility Management table and adds a new record to the Visibility Status table.

  • You can manage visibility jobs for every instance of Address Manager connected to the Gateway instance.