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Cloud Discovery & Visibility Administration Guide

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If you select Visibility as your Monitoring option (in the Monitoring Options section of the AWS Setup page), when you run Discovery (with the Monitoring Options mode set to Visibility), Cloud Discovery & Visibility (CDV) creates visibility jobs to monitor the status of discovered resources. On an AWS infraststructure, these jobs are organized into Visibility Managers: An abstracted layer to simplify your management of AWS visibility jobs.

A Visibility Manager contains one or more Visibility jobs. When managing execution of visibility jobs in the AWS Visibility Management page, you perform actions on the Visibility Manager instead of a specific job. CDV then performs that action on all jobs within that Visibility Manager.

Note: A Visibility Manager does not represent a specific resource or object that might appear in a network. It is simply a convenient way to organize Visibility jobs when Discovery is performed on multiple resource groups or subscriptions.

The jobs that a Visibility Manager contains depend on the AWS Regions that you specify in the AWS Configuration page. When you specify the regions in which discovery is to run, if the Monitoring Options mode is set to Visibility, CDV creates a single Visibility Manager that contains a separate job for each region.