Exporting scheduled discovery jobs - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.3.2

Cloud Discovery & Visibility Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

After you configure at least one scheduled discovery job in Cloud Discovery & Visibility (CDV), you can export them to a local configuration file. You can use this file to easily import the job into another instance of CDV, or as a template to create additional discovery jobs for later import.

You can also enter a secret key during the export operation to encrypt the file.

To export scheduled jobs:

  1. Under Discovery Management for the platform you're working with, select the checkbox next to one or more visibility jobs.

  2. Click and select Export Schedule Jobs. The Export Schedule jobs window opens.

    • You can export scheduled jobs for only the instance of Address Manager with which you are currently in session.
    • You can export scheduled jobs for only a single cloud platform at once (Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure).
  3. (Optional) Under Secret Key, enter a secret key value that will be used to encrypt the scheduled job configuration file.

    The Secret Key must have exactly 32 characters. Characters can be alphanumeric characters or special characters, except for white space ( ), quotation mark ('), and double quotation mark (“)

    Note: This Secret Key here is used only for the exported configuration job file that CDV creates. It is distinct and separate from the CDV Secret Key used to encrypt sensitive job information that is internally stored the CDV database.
  4. Click Export.

Cloud Discovery & Visibility generates the scheduled discovery job configuration file and downloads it to your browser.