GCP Subnet data - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.3.2

Cloud Discovery & Visibility Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

When discovering resources in a GCP environment for Address Manager, Cloud Discovery bases Subnet information on VPC networks and imports them as IPv4 networks under their respective blocks. For example, IPv4 VPC networks might look like this:

If the Subnet contains secondary IPv4 ranges, they are imported into Address Manager as IPv4 address spaces and networks where the IPv4 object is named using the following format:
{network_name} / {region} / {subnet_name} / {secondary_ip_name}

In the following example, a GCP subnet has been created with secondary IPv4 ranges:

Upon a successful import of data into Address Manager, CDV creates IPv4 blocks using the defined naming convention. The following image displays the data imported into Address Manager: