Private and Public DNS zone data - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 21.3.1

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BlueCat Gateway

Private and Public DNS zones created in Azure are DNS resources provided by Microsoft Azure. The following image displays a private DNS zone created in Azure with a set of resource records configured within the zone.

When private and public DNS zones are imported into Address Manager, they are generated under a View in the specified configuration. DNS resource records created under the zone are also imported. Address Manager supports the following DNS resource record types:
  • SOA
  • A
  • AAAA
  • MX
  • PTR
  • SRV
  • TXT

If an IP address is associated to an A or AAAA record and the IP address exists within an imported virtual network from Azure, a Host record is created in Address Manager. If the IP does not exist within an imported virtual network, a Generic record is created in Address Manager. The following image displays example resource record information that is imported in Address Manager from the private or public DNS zone.