Reference: AWS schedule job configuration file - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.3.2

Cloud Discovery & Visibility Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

When you export an Amazon Web Services scheduled discovery job, Cloud Discovery & Visibility (CDV) exports the file as an unencrypted JSON configuration file. The JSON code below illustrates the style and format of the exported file. If needed, you can modify this configuration file to address differences between systems.

You can use an exported configuration file as a template that you edit to create new scheduled discovery jobs that you can import into CDV. When doing so, note that all keys in the options section are required, though you can still edit those values as needed.

Attention: If you want to run visibility or discovery jobs in another CDV instance, BlueCat recommends stopping any running scheduled discovery jobs in the old CDV instance before importing and running the scheduled discovery jobs in the new CDV instance.
   "Amazon Web Services":[
               "device_external_view":"AWS Name Resolution External",
               "device_internal_view":"AWS Name Resolution Internal",
               "dns_private_view":"Route53 Private Hosted Zones",
               "dns_public_view":"Route53 Public Hosted Zones",
               "private_endpoint_view":"AWS VPC Endpoints View",
         "platform":"Amazon Web Services",
         "previous_execute_time":"03/21/2023 18:21:37",