Reference: GCP visibility job configuration file - Adaptive Applications - BlueCat Gateway - 23.3.2

Cloud Discovery & Visibility Administration Guide

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BlueCat Gateway

The following section displays an example of the unencrypted JSON configuration file that is produced when exporting the GCP visibility jobs.

  • The options keys are required. You can modify the values within the options section with valid content.
  • You can use the exported configuration file as a template to create a new configuration file to be imported.
Attention: If you are running any visibility jobs in another Cloud Discovery & Visibility instance, BlueCat recommends stopping any running visibility jobs on the old instance before importing and running the visibility jobs in the new Cloud Discovery & Visibility instance.
  "Google Cloud Platform": [
      "bam_configuration": "test",
      "bam_url": "",
      "bam_username": "test",
      "gcp_email": "test",
      "gcp_project_id": "test",
      "gcp_project_name": "test",
      "id": 1,
      "options": {
        "authentication": {
          "auth_provider_x509_cert_url": "test",
          "auth_uri": "test",
          "client_email": "test",
          "client_id": "test",
          "client_x509_cert_url": "test",
          "private_key": "test",
          "private_key_id": "test",
          "project_id": "test",
          "token_uri": "test",
          "type": "service_account"
        "auto_create_subzone": false,
        "bluecat_configuration": "",
        "create_separate_configuration": false,
        "device_external_view": "GCP Name Resolution External",
        "device_internal_view": "GCP Name Resolution Internal",
        "dns_private_view": "",
        "dns_public_view": "",
        "external_name_resolution": true,
        "internal_name_resolution": true,
        "load_balancers": true,
        "override_configuration": false,
        "private_dns_zones": false,
        "private_endpoint_view": "GCP Private Service Connect View",
        "private_endpoints": true,
        "private_networks": true,
        "public_dns_zones": false,
        "public_networks": false,
        "target_domain": "",
        "virtual_machines": true,
        "visibility": {
          "bam_password": "test",
          "bam_username": "test",
          "selective_deployment": false
      "visibility_end_time": "10/11/2021 07:52:16",
      "visibility_start_time": "10/11/2021 07:52:55",
      "visibility_status": "running"