/v1/api/dnsResolverServices (POST) - BlueCat DNS Edge

DNS Edge API Guide (Service Point v4)

Product name
BlueCat DNS Edge
Initiate deployment of a DNS resolver service on a Service Point v4 instance.
Attention: Once the API has been successfully called, the deployment task is queued and does not indicate that the DNS resolver service has been immediately deployed.
POST https://api-<DNS.Edge.URL>/v1/api/dnsResolverServices
Authorization: Bearer token
Content-Type: Application/JSON
    "siteId": "site-123",
    "name": "drs-name",
    "servicePointId": "fleet-sp-123",
    "ipAddresses": [ "" ]
Body parameters
  • siteId—the ID of the site to which you would like to deploy the DNS resolver service
  • name—the name of the DNS resolver service
  • servicePointId—the ID of the service point that you would like to deploy the DNS resolver service to
  • ipAddresses(Optional) a list of service IP addresses.

Successful response


A response header Location is included of the format /v1/dnsResolverServices/<id>. The <id> is the ID of the DNS resolver service which is to be deployed.

Possible error codes
  • 400 - Can be caused by one of the following:
    • Invalid request body is provided
    • The name is already in use by another DRS
    • The fleet instance given in servicePointId already has a DRS deployed
    • The site that this DRS is under is on a version that does not support DNS resolver service on Fleet (version earlier than 3.5.2)
  • 404 The service point does not exist
  • 500 Internal Server Error