/v1/api/list/dns (POST) - BlueCat DNS Edge

DNS Edge API Guide (Service Point v4)

Product name
BlueCat DNS Edge

Create a domain list

POST https://api-<DNS.Edge.URL>/v1/api/list/dns
Authorization: Bearer authorization token
Content-type: application/JSON
   "name": "new domain list name",
   "description": "new domain list description",
   "sourceType":"dynamic" or "user"
Note: If the sourceType for a domain list is "user", you don't configure dynamicOptions. The Dynamic Option information only needs to be configured when the sourceType is dynamic.

Successful response

200 OK
   "id": "<domain-list-id>",
   "name": "<domain-list-name>",
   "description": "<domain-list-description>",
   "domainCount": <domain-count>,
   "sourceType":"<user | dynamic>"
Possible error codes