DNS Edge ports - BlueCat DNS Edge

DNS Edge Deployment Guide (Fleet Service Point)

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Product name
BlueCat DNS Edge
Source IP Destination IP Port Protocol Description
<Service Point IP> * 53 UDP + TCP DNS inbound and outbound
<Monitoring System IP> <Service Point IP> 80 TCP Diagnostics end point
<Monitoring System IP> <Service Point IP>   ICMP Pings
<DHCP Server IP> <Service Point IP> 67 UDP Used for DHCP configuration of service points.
<Service Point IP> <DHCP Server IP> 68 UDP Used for DHCP configuration of Service Points.
<Service Point IP> <NTP Server IP> 123 UDP NTP synchronization. By default this will reach out to coreos.pool.ntp.org unless provided with other values using DHCP.
<Service Point IP> <Cloud Instance IP> 443 TCP
  • Communication channel between the service point and DNS Edge Cloud.

    The service point will periodically reach out to the DNS Edge Cloud using a mutually authenticated HTTPS connection to check for configuration updates and system upgrades.

  • Sending query logs up to kinesis for delivery to the DNS Edge Cloud.
  • Retrieving system updates from Amazon ECR.
<Admin Device IP> <Service Point IP> 443 TCP Used with the Anycast configuration command line utility.
* <Service Point IP> 22 TCP Optional. Required for SSH for AWS and Azure service points.