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DNS Edge Deployment Guide

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BlueCat DNS Edge

Complete the following steps to deploy a DNS Edge Service Point and configure the network to use the service point.

Find the address of the current DNS Server for the network

First, you will need the current DHCP setting for DNS Servers in the network.

If you are using BlueCat DNS Integrity, select the network in Address Manager, then select the Deployment Options tab:

The IP address under Service Option Values is what you will enter as the forwarder when you create the site in DNS Edge. You can also set this as the default forwarder. For more information, see Namespaces and forwarders.

Log in to DNS Edge

Log in to DNS Edge using the link and credentials received in your Welcome to DNS Edge emails.

Note: Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and Apple Safari.

In the Welcome to BlueCat DNS Edge email, you will find the BlueCat DNS Edge URL, including the email address to log in with.

The Temporary Password to authenticate with for the first login was made available to you in the Temporary Password e-mail.
Note: Make sure you copy and paste the email address and the temporary password with no spaces, or type them in identically as they were made available to you.

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