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DNS Edge User Guide (Fleet Service Point)

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BlueCat DNS Edge

Once you have deployed Fleet Service Point and configured a site, you can configure and deploy DNS resolver service on the Fleet Service Point so that it can consume site information and forward information to the DNS Edge Cloud.

Deploying DNS resolver service

  1. In the top navigation bar, click and select DNS Resolver Services.
    Note: You can use to toggle between including or excluding disconnected services. By default, disconnected services are excluded.
  2. To add a new DNS resolver service, click .
  3. Add or edit the name and description.
  4. Enter the name of the site to which the Edge Fleet Service Point will register.
  5. Enter the name of a Edge Fleet Service Point that will pull the DNS resolver service configuration.
    Attention: You can only select an Edge Fleet Service Point that has not been configured with a DNS resolver service. You cannot deploy multiple DNS resolver services on the same Fleet Service Point.
  6. Click Deploy.