Downloading a Classic Service Point configuration file for AWS, Azure, or GCP - BlueCat DNS Edge

DNS Edge User Guide (Fleet Service Point)

Product name
BlueCat DNS Edge

You can deploy multiple service points using a single configuration file.

Attention: The service point version of the site must be v3.0.6 or greater to deploy a service point on AWS or Azure.
  1. On the Sites page, select the site you want to work with.
  2. Under Service Point Downloads, select AWS/Azure/GCP and click to download the config file.
  3. When the file has downloaded, deploy the service point to your environment.

    The default file name includes the site name and the configuration file's expiration date and time.

    To learn how to deploy the service point, refer to Deploy Classic Service Points to AWS, Deploy Classic Service Points to Azure, or Deploy Classic Service Points to Google Cloud Platform.