/v1/api/spsettings/global/update (POST) - BlueCat DNS Edge

DNS Edge User Guide (Fleet Service Point)

Product name
BlueCat DNS Edge
Changes the current global settings.
Attention: Settings APIs are deprecated as of DNS Edge v3.0. Refer to the Namespaces APIs instead.
POST https://api-<DNS.Edge.URL>/v1/api/spSettings/global/update
Authorization: Bearer authorization token
Content-type: application/JSON
"servers": ["ipAddress: ""], 

Successful response

200 — OK

Response on unsuccessful authorization

401 Unauthorized
Content-Type: application/JSON
{"code": "UNAUTHORIZED", "brief": "You are not authorized to perform this action"}
Possible error codes
  • CAPI_00000 Invalid configuration format - possibly bad JSON format or invalid server list
  • CAPI_00001 Could not set the customer configuration
  • CAPI_00002 Could not retrieve the configuration