/v2/domainLists/{domainListId} (PATCH) - BlueCat DNS Edge

DNS Edge User Guide (Service Point v4)

Product name
BlueCat DNS Edge

Updates the content of an existing domain list by adding or deleting domain names.

Note: You can only update user type domain lists.
PATCH https://api-<DNS.Edge.URL>/v2/domainLists/{domainListId}
Authorization: Bearer authorization token
Content-type: text/plain

Domains must be listed as one domain per line. All domains above the dash (-) symbol indicate that those domains are to be added to the existing domain list. All domains below the dash symbol indicate that those domains are to be removed from the existing domain lists. To only add new domains to the domain list, enter all the domains to be added. To only remove domains from the domain list, place the dash symbol as the first entry of the body followed by all domains to be removed.

Successful response

204 No Content
Possible error codes
  • WRONG_LIST_TYPE - Domain list type is incorrect
  • NAMESPACE_OVER_100k - Domain lists associated with namespaces can't exceed 100,000 domains
  • DOMAIN_LIST_DOESNT_EXIST - Domain list doesn't exist
  • BAD_DOMAIN_LIST - Domain list isn't valid
  • UNAUTHORIZED_ACTION - Not authorized to perform the action
  • UNEXPECTED_ERROR - Internal server error